Plantforce Attachments going from Strength to Strength!

Plantforce have always been on the lookout for new niche markets, and with many customers already demanding a wide range of attachments, they recently identified a gap in the regional market. In April 2013 Plantforce invested £1million and opened its Attachment Division that has been headed up by Sam Mercer. With their extensive customer base Plantforce Attachments got off to a fantastic start with many new customers being attracted by their full range of equipment and reliable service.

After a hugely successful first 6 months it soon became apparent that Plantforce Attachments’ initial range of around 75 attachments was not sufficient to satisfy customer demand, especially in the demolition sector so in September 2013 they invested another £500k to boost the attachments up to just over 100 items. According to Plantforce Attachments Manager Sam Mercer, “the attachments have enabled us to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements and deliver the complete service. Our close relationship with our customers has helped us to develop the company around them and the quality of the attachments we can now offer, coupled with our personal service has proven to be a real success”.

Now open for over a year, Plantforce Attachments has become a reliable name and a specialist in the market, providing high-quality excavators with first-class attachments at reasonable prices.

Plantforce Attachments can now offer hydraulic breakers, grabs, grapples, shears, munchers, crusher buckets, riddle buckets, ripper teeth, pallet forks and much more. 

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