Beat the Freeze - Andy's Maintenance Tips

Now the colder mornings are here, the cold start or glow plug should be used before trying to start the machine. This will

a) Make it easier to start the machine.
b) Help protect the battery and starter from the excessive load of turning over a cold engine again and again.
c) Mean less flat batteries and down time of machine.

Cold start/pre heat or glow plugs are normally activated by positioning the key to heat/glow and holding for 10 seconds before starting.

It is worth checking over work lights in day light hours, so if any are out they can be repaired before they become required after dark, also try not to leave the work lights on when engine is not running as this will drain batteries and may cause starting problems.

Make sure all cab guards are removed, windows defrosted and demisted before the machine is moved as visibility is even more important at dawn and dusk.

Check the beacon works and can be seen by others around you.