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Plantforce Rentals

National Hire Desk: 07000 606 606

Core Values

Our Core Values
Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, and help us enjoy our time at work. Sounds so simple, but too often companies get caught up in politics, ivory-tower attitudes, and market mania instead of focusing on the things that probably made them successful in the first place.

The following core values and beliefs define what’s important to us at Workday:

Caring for our workforce, those that work on our behalf and people that we collaborate with by creating an environment where no one gets hurt, is vitally important. This means that safety is our first priority and speaking up and intervening if something is unsafe.

Don’t Walk By something that you feel is wrong, stop and ask questions.

Leading by example and innovating where leadership can be developed is a key value for Plantforce. This means we need to make the most of all opportunity’s that present themselves having clear direction to deliver excellence, setting high standards and drive for continuous improvement on both a personnel and professional level.

Plantforce feels that acting fairly, transparently and consistently is key to nurturing successful relationships both internally and externally with those that we work and collaborate with. Acknowledging the impacts of our works and doing the right thing, even when circumstances are challenging.

We need to understand others in all of our undertakings, this can mean recognising the value in everyone, behaving with respect and understanding, being open minded and listening to issues that people might have and working to resolve them in a suitable way.

Plantforce and its employees aim to be honest in all that we do, honesty promotes trust and having this as a core value that our business and personal undertakings are centred around helps build profitable and long-standing relationships in all of our undertakings. Honesty in all things is key, even if the honest answer is a hard, it is the right answer.

Having experienced staff is crucial to Plantforces development and ensuring that an excellent service is provided to our clients. Having experienced staff ensures that the required knowledge is in place both for Plantforce use and to pass on to our clients when it is required. Plantforce believes that experience is a key requirement to a healthy and successful business and that this experience is shared. This is why Plantforce encourages shared learning alongside it’s experience and willingly shares our gained knowledge not only internally to drive continual improvement but with the industry as a whole to help implement best practice techniques.

Plantforce employees are driven to provide the best possible services and products to our clients. This drive can be seen throughout the structure of Plantforce from our Managing Director to our Service Engineers. It is vitally important that our employees feel driven and motivated to provide excellence to our clients at all times which Plantforce prides itself on doing. To help ensure this, Plantforce strives to look after its employees through fair and responsible employment with a focus on employee satisfaction. A happy employee will be driven to always give their best for the client and in turn this will be the best for Plantforces growth as a business.